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Our adult experiences are usually 1-on-1 and small groups experiences to guide our guests through different ways to have fun expressing their creativity.  We love having people come in and say “How do I…?” and then we show them how different materials and techniques meld with ideas to create a wonderful piece of artwork.   We love it when someone remarks “Look what I did!”  We take the MYSTERY out of art, so you may EXPERIENCE art!

Clay Hand Building
Mixed Media
Resin Art
Walk-Ins / Open Studio/ Ladies Night Out
  • Clay Hand Building

    Using clay as an art medium allows versatility and freedom in creating a wide range of both useful and artistic objects. Hand building with clay connects the individual with their project on a personal level as the artist actually molds their piece from essentially nothing. After creating a clay piece, the individual then further personalizes it by glazing their creation after bisque firing. No two pieces ever turn out the same.

  • Mixed Media

    Mixed Media is the free form expression of whatever moves you. The only rule is to allow your personality to wander free. Pairing a concept up with different materials such as paper, beads, fabric, recycled items and so much more, yield results that are surprising and beautiful you will be amazed at how creative you can be.

  • Have you been curious to try making resin art? Though it may seem intimidating, our artists are here to walk you through the process, give you helpful tips and teach you what we know. Look at our calendar, call, or come in to see the fun projects we can help you get started on!
  • Walk-Ins/Open Studio/Ladies Night Out

    Project Options

    Pottery Painting

    • Paint with Glaze – We then fire this in our Kiln to a gorgeous shine. Turn around time is approx. 7-10 days (FOOD SAFE)
    • Paint with Acrylic Paint – is a Make and Take, will not be fired, we will spray seal it for you. (NOT food Safe)
    • Alcohol Ink Markers – is a Make and Take, to be used on pre-glazed and fired Pottery Pieces. (NOT food safe)

    Fused Glass

    • Level One – Fused Glass
      Please look for the signs that indicate which Fused Glass projects are NOT an on- going class that needs to be taught in a group.

    Canvas Painting – Independent Only

    • Board Art
      Choose board, stain it and use one of our pre-made stencils.


    Anything that is not on this list should be considered a Class ONLY project.

    Our hope is to be able to give each and every person individual attention when needed. Therefore, we hope that you will be able to choose an amazing project that will not require 1-1 teaching.

    Please look at our class schedule for our amazing classes that are step by step instructor led.