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2020 Kid's Camp

2020’s Kid’s Camp will look different this year as we meld the creative atmosphere of Art Rageous with compliance to the Governor of Florida’s exective orders and CDC safety guidelines.  This year’s camps will be 4 classes each week, 3 hours in length each, hosted as AM and PM sessions.  Each camp will be initially offered in June and repeated in July.  In addition, Art Rageous will also host on-line classes for those campers wishing to participant from home.  And most of our projects will be available as self directed, to-go projects.  Please check out our online store for more information about home based camp projects.

Enchanted Forest Camp - AM and PM Classes - July 20 - 23

The forest is a place wonderous items and mystical fantasies, concepts that provide a freedom to explore the creative side. Campers will experience the magic of the forest through the various media of pottery, clay, wood, and glass.

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Sweet Treats Art Camp - AM and PM classes - July 27 - 30

Nothing challenges our creative senses like food. This class will emphasize the decorative expression of art imagery of Sweet Treats using various media of pottery, clay, wood, and glass

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Our adult experiences are usually 1-on-1 and small groups experiences to guide our guests through difference ways to have fun creating and expressing.

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Throughout the year, Art Rageous offers many different events designed to engage kid’s creative processes by opening their experiences to different materials and techniques.

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Our instruction classes are geared towards those individual who are interested in knowing how certain art techniques are applied or have a natural curiosity about just doing something ”artsy”.

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Just like most things in life, sharing experiences with others applies to art. At Art Rageous, we love parties and love to host them.

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To create art, you need a certain kind of inspiration to really put yourself on the canvas.

At Art Rageous, we created an environment that not only motivates you to paint, we filled it with color and design to make the experience just as fun as it is invigorating.