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Our instruction classes are geared towards those individual who are interested in knowing how certain art techniques are applied or have a natural curiosity about just doing something ”artsy” .

Instruction may be in group or individual setting depending on the experience desired.

Fused Glass
Wood Art
Mixed Media
  • Pottery

    Decorating pottery is limited only by the imagination.   Pottery is in and of itself, an ancient art form, used to capture images and convey meaning or feelings.  It can be both a decoration and a tool.  Pottery (or ceramics, of you wish) add color and texture along with functionality – as is the case with food service and dinnerware items.  It can also add warmth and emotion to a room as evidences by a ceramic vase or table lamp.  Or it can make a room inviting through a coffee table bowl or a wall hanging sconce.  Our classes will familiarize you with the different types of glazes, how to apply them, and the many techniques that yield beautiful pieces.

  • Clay

    Instruction for clay is designed for the individual looking to learn about the method and material; to experience the feeling of visualizing an idea and how to make that idea become reality. This is a hands-on class – you will get dirty.   It may also become habit forming.  Art Rageous staff are experienced in working with clays and will teach you to how to work with this amazing material while you learn proper techniques so you can make beautiful finished pieces of art for display and use.

  • Fused Glass

    Using glass as an art medium is a long-established concept, but one that many find intimidating.  Glass is often seen as a difficult material to work with and an unforgiving medium just because it is glass.  At Art Rageous we can show you how to become friends with glass and use the different colors, shapes, and textures to create decorative pieces for your house or gifts.  Fused glass may be shaped different ways and formed into bowls and plates, sun catchers and night lights, windchimes, jewelry, or scenes.

  • Wood Art

    A relatively new offering in the creative arts studio, Wood Art is a technique that is perfect for creating a personal gift or display piece that is truly created by the participant.  Art Rageous provides the supplies and tools, but you provide the inspiration.  Using wood planks as a canvas, the decorative process is wide open, with only your imagination limiting your expression.  You will be able to create a masterpiece that you will happy to display anyway in your home or be given as a very special gift.

  • Mixed Media

    Possibly our most creative and personal of all the experiences we offer.  Mixed Media truly uses any and all materials to create an expression or scene.  Paper, beads, metal, glass, yarn, paint – you name it, chance are it can be used.  If you have a personal memento that you would like to turn into a memory, Mixed Media may be the experience for you.  This is also a technique that can be experienced either in class or on an individual setting.