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Throughout the year, Art Rageous offers many different events designed to engage kid’s creative processes by opening their experiences to different materials and techniques. All of our classes are designed to be fun and pertinent to the kids. Be it making a painting of their favorite super hero or glazing a favorite animal to creating birthday or holiday gifts, kids have fun with the different ways to make things.

Clay Play
Art Rageous Art Camp
  • Clay Play

    Art Rageous offers its Clay Play class after school on the second and fourth Fridays of the month opposite our Kid’s Night Out. In our Clay Play class, the kids will be getting their hands dirty, learning to roll and shape clay from a block, then how to embellish the clay with different tools and techniques, stage it for firing and finally glazing or painting the finished bisque.

  • Art Rageous Art Camp

    Art Rageous hosts day camps which coincide with the local school’s scheduled days off to provide the students with a safe environment to learn and play. We design our camps to cover at least 2 different creative projects per day. Your child will experience a wide range of art techniques from clay and glass to pottery and mixed media.