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Our adult experiences are usually 1-on-1 and small groups experiences to guide our guests through different ways to have fun expressing their creativity.  We love having people come in and say “How do I…?” and then we show them how different materials and techniques meld with ideas to create a wonderful piece of artwork.   We love it when someone remarks “Look what I did!”  We take the MYSTERY out of art, so you may EXPERIENCE art!

Clay Hand Building
Mixed Media
Sip & Paint Canvas Painting
  • Clay Hand Building

    Using clay as an art medium allows versatility and freedom in creating a wide range of both useful and artistic objects. Hand building with clay connects the individual with their project on a personal level as the artist actually molds their piece from essentially nothing. After creating a clay piece, the individual then further personalizes it by glazing their creation after bisque firing. No two pieces ever turn out the same.

  • Mixed Media

    Mixed Media is the free form expression of whatever moves you. The only rule is to allow your personality to wander free. Pairing a concept up with different materials such as paper, beads, fabric, recycled items and so much more, yield results that are surprising and beautiful you will be amazed at how creative you can be.

  • Zendoodle

    We all know the fun that comes from mindlessly scribbling on paper. But did you know that scribbling is actually an art form? By combining doodles in repeating patterns, form begins to take place. With a little guidance, those forms can become pictures or art pieces. Zendoodle creations can be done on paper with ink or marker or can be combine with other mediums like clay or bisque to make a unique piece of art.

  • Sip & Paint Canvas Painting

    Canvas painting allows a wide array of artistic expression, from the whimsical to the existential. Starting with basic acrylic colors, S&P allows the guest to create pictures that are as unique as the painter. S&P Canvas painting is available either as a limited instruction class, individual experience or in larger instructor led class settings. No prior painting experience is required, as we take you step by step through each brush stroke to create your masterpiece.  If you say you can’t paint, we will prove you wrong!